My name is Markéta Meduna Kočková and I started my artistry in 2011, but my love of painting has existed since childhood. In 2010, I took over the tea house in Hradec Králové on address Velké náměstí, No. 1. During this time, I started to organize various lectures, exhibitions and other educational activities. At the same time, I provided this space to other people as a gallery and workshop for their creation. In the autumn, a pleasant woman entered my business with the desire to provide a tea-room where she could exhibit her work together and organize an exhibition. I went out to meet her immediately. The moment she showed me the technique she was working with I knew that this work was exactly what I had been looking for all my life. A technique that allows me to pass on emotional experiences that are transcendent in my life for self-knowledge as well as for self-realization.

I completed all the courses focused on the ancient painting technique called Encaustics, but for me, beeswax painting. It started innocently and I gradually healed myself through my work. Before long, my paintings began to attract the attention of other people. Each image opened a new spiritual and psychosomatic opportunity for me. The interest in my paintings grew and customers wanted me to start selling them. What was even more interesting, however, was the fact that they began to tell me their story and asked me to craft a unique image for them. The tailor-made image is assembled in deep meditation and an altered state of consciousness, where together with the client we create a symbol of colors and a unique code, which then acts on its emotional center. This reminds them, through the experience they have experienced, the way to go, how to calm down and heal.

The popularity of the images grew, and I knew it wouldn't be enough. Gradually, I began to expand beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. I painted 'remotely', for example in Australia for an autistic child. It is a very strong emotional experience and process on both sides. As part of my trips abroad, I visited, for example, Dubai, where I painted for three weeks and then exhibited for a year. The craft also brought me to South India to the Palm Leaf Reader. Finally, my paintings are also in Jordan, Switzerland, Slovakia and of course in our beautiful Czech lands. Over the course of seven years, I have created a large number of original paintings.

Then, I felt it was time for a change and I decided to print and transfer my paintings to various materials, so we created three women's dresses. Other orders include, for example, foils with a graphic theme at Kouty Hotel in Ledeč nad Sázavou. Foil wrapping for cars, motorcycles and accessories. The Cooperation with a company Frajt s.r.o. allows us to create a unique ceramic print on glass. The turning point in my business came in July 2020, when I took a step forward and after ten years of doing business as a self-employed person and founded the company Aglaia Design spol. s r. o.

I have combined my talent, ideas and experience with new art printing technology, and this is where my new decade begins. I am very much looking forward to working with clients and the people around me and moving my work forward with confidence and faith.

Aglaia Design is open to everything beautiful that will come, because the name Aglaia comes from Greek mythology and its bearer was the goddess of beauty and light. Through this archetypal symbolism of Aglaia, the beauty of this art can be at your home.