Ceramic glass printing

After choosing the Aglaia Design motif, it is possible to have the motif printed on both interior and exterior glass. Ceramic printing is an amazing technique that the company Frajt s.r.o. masters.
The print is protected from UV rays, temperatures and other influences that could degrade the print and so remains the same throughout the life of the glass. It is also possible to bend the glass, so there are unlimited possibilities of what we can create from the glass.

Our client has two variants of cooperation. The first is to choose the design that is available. In this case, you will not only have an original, but you will also have a completely unique artifact in your interior or exterior.
The second option is to have your own image created on agreement with the artist Markéta Meduna Kočková and on the basis of which the final glass will be printed.
We can also work with orders of very large dimensions. We can create a unique theme for the facade of a company building or glass house, or any interior elements for a house or office. Don't be afraid to contact us with any kind of inquiry. We will always be happy to listen to you and adapt the resulting proposal to your wishes.

Textiles Aglaia Design a Hannellendres

The idea of textile printing arose in 2014. We decided to transfer a copy of the original on fabric. Since then, a number of other creative ideas have emerged. Our first successful implementation of the idea was finalized in the form of three beautiful women´s dresses with a print on satin fabric. Other materials are currently being prepared.
There are basically two ways of working with Aglaia Design. We several original paintings have at our disposal. These paintings were created to support the ideal of collective consciousness. Topics like these are well needed to experience and mentally process in our lives. These motifs and the unique graphic design exist in multiple copies and are prepared for you with the possibility to be printed on the fabric of your choice.
The second option is to create a unique image tailored to the customer´s wishes and then transfer it to the selected type of textile. No one else can own the same motif. It will be a painting exclusively for you. It will be your original, which is expression on your individuality, and it will be the only one in the whole world – Planet Earth.
Taking into account the unique custom work, original graphic design and the selected type of material, the price and payment method of the order will always be transparently determined after agreement with the customer before starting the work.
We look forward to creative collaboration together with you.

We are looking forward to working together with you

Unique design for your car and motorcycle

We have a unique and beautiful coat for your vehicle or motorcycle. We use protective foils printed from the unique paintings by Aglaia Design workshop. You can choose from designs that already exist, or the artist Marketa Meduna Kočková will create a painting just for you based on your personal agreement. The graphic theme created this way is then transferred using the printing technique on a protective foil and then the foil is applied to the bodywork of a car, motorcycle, helmet or even to your motorcycle suitcase. The possibilities are limitless.
The film has great protective properties. We can also create a customized design for your company. If you decide to sell your car or motorcycle and replace it with another one, the foil will simply be removed, and the original paintwork-polish will be as new and undamaged.
We will also sensitively incorporate a company logo into the graphic design for your company, thus creating a completely original custom motif.
It is possible to combine the foil application to the entire surfaces, or to highlight only small accessories and details of the vehicle. If you have a beautiful car or motorcycle and you do not want to cover the whole surface of your vehicle, we will highlight only certain parts and give it a unique, stylish and delicate look. It´s amazing creative job and it will be you who will always have the say-in the design of your vehicle and it´s final form and appearance.